5 comments on “[Impressions] Daum Potplayer

  1. You can jump the bandwagon or not – as long as it comes as a free product you can’t make any claims.

    Oh, and by the way, that image belongs to us. You are free to make any screenshots of your own.

    • Yes, I decided to make a screenshot. However, I don’t quite agree with your first statement, since I was just pointing out features that I either could not find or know how to use those claimed features of potplayer (such as having all the features of KMPlayer and more) with the current user interface for the version as described in the above post.

      Just because it is free does not mean that I cannot point out any difficulties or issues that I had with the program. Any user is free to “take it or leave it” so to speak.

      As with any technology product, plenty of progress could have been achieved as time passed by. Therefore, my “claims” above could have been fixed and thus “moot point”. I will re-evaluate the latest beta again and see if I still want to support using potplayer. Expect a new revised post concerning the latest potplayer version in the next few days.

  2. We never said you are not alowed to express your thoughts, especially on your blog.

    “As with any technology product, plenty of progress could have been achieved as time passed by.”

    No kidding?! 😀 Exactly as you said – “could” but it didn’t, because, as we said in our article, this player is currently being developed mainly for the Daum Network and its requirements, not ours (!) – the people outside Korea, or not involved in that network. Understanding a situation as it really is – helps a lot – we (as users), who are not involved into the player development process, cannot make any valid claims (we are not the ones who hired the developer to work on this player). You could also learn Korean and post in their forums and voice your ideas there – there’s nothing stopping you – you might get some results then, no question about it.

    It is a pure miracle we got an English version as it is and it is a powerful player – you can’t deny that. Somebody took the time and translated all the menus for free. It is very true that you many want or need some aditional options for karaoke but don’t you think you should be using a specialized player just for that? The player is no meant for that, not yet anyway. And what menu have you been looking at and it is still in Korean?! – That is, if you got your set-up installer from us, dvbsupport.net or the Korean one from its official site. If you are referring to the fact that it is not officially supported in English – it might never be – as the player is currently made for Koreans.

    Do not understand our comments in the wrong way – we are merely tring to be helpful and are genuinely curious about the issues you had with the player. We are all here because we want a good player, but it doesn’t hurt to be realistic either.

    • Thanks for the comment, and sorry if my comment has offended you in any way, but I too am trying to help the public be more informed with media players and specific niche quirks that I had so they would not have to frustrate themselves when trying to find or enable a certain feature. And for those who translate foreign applications like this are simply a blessing to the public.

      I have looked at both the Korean and the latest English version of this fantastic media player. I think the one on xenonmagazine’s site had a slightly older english version of the player, but nothing significant changed between the versions.

      Anyway, the forums were very helpful with troubleshooting, since English is acceptable in some parts of the forum. It is true that I wanted more options for karaoke, in hopes of it being the one player to do just about everything in terms of media playback and enjoyability. I was purely surprised that they were present in KMPlayer (his previous work), but not in PotPlayer. It is probably true that the features I was looking for are actually in the media player itself, but not readily accessible or available for the public user.

      As it is now, Potplayer stands as one of the easiest and aesthetic media player for the general public. For those who want more features or control over their media playback experience, I would still recommend KMPlayer over PotPlayer. But as we all know well, complaining will get us nowhere without action. What we can do is provide (constructive) feedback, get involved with the development process, find a better media player, or just move along.

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