5 comments on “Farcry 2 is Pretty Damn Good

    • Frankly, the exponential amount of acceleration for farcry 2 is alright as long as the user doesn’t jerk the stick to farthest end of the pad. Other than that, I never really had any problems with aiming since the auto-aim helped reduce my frustration for precisely aiming for headshots. Of course, one could always substitute a mouse and keyboard for the console if he or she truly desires, but that’s just personal preference. Also, I doubt this game is specialized as an FPS game in comparison to Resistance 2 or Halo 3.

  1. I played it for PC, and while it was fun for the first hour it got pretty old pretty quickly. Realism sort of came smashing you in the face when it was the most inconvenient (patrols), and “unrealism” kicked you in the nads at every damn check point you cleaned out 5 mins before… 😛

    I ended up playing for 3 hours, and by then I was so tired and bored I deleted it. Thank god I didn’t pay for that piece of crap :>

  2. Hahaha, that’s very unfortunate for you. I’m sure there would have been a patch to fix that bug, but then that wouldn’t work out for a pirate. I know the PS3 wasn’t like that at all since I got mine patched up within one week of its release. 😛

    Frankly, you should have your buddy rescue-ready for those situations, but I can see how irritating that can be when the outpost suddenly revives itself with new people. The patrols weren’t that inconvenient, especially if you have an assault rifle or just damn good at FPS games.

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