5 comments on “Mixed Feelings with Microxp 0.82

  1. Using Microxp and its starting in about 10 secs from the time i select the os from the boot menu. (the windows xp screen doesnt even start moving the blue progress bar 🙂 )

  2. MicroXP is great, but i wouldn’t use it unless your PC is older than 8 years. I was running a pentium 2 500MHz 128MB RAM and it runs really nice and can play DIVX really well through VLC, and is stable, but if you have a decent PC, then you don’t need it since normal XP will probably be just as fast if not faster, especially with all your extra components and drivers that wont be supported with microXP

  3. In all reality, MicroXP is even better on on a newer machine.
    3.2 ghz with 4 GB ram is playing games far superior to Vista and unmodded XP!
    There is something wrong if it takes more than 10-30 seconds for your rig to start.
    MicroXP is blazing fast! There is even a newer version out now, MicroXP 0.91.

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