16 comments on “MicroXP 0.82 by eXperience is Awesome

  1. I installed the east asia language but still i cannot display the desire language. I grab the language pack from xp sp2. Anyone can help??

  2. Is it the authentic XP SP2? Otherwise, try downloading this one from piratebay, since it has all the files for east asian languages (tested myself). Applocale might not show the right characters in the dropdown menu for the last three languages (most likely japanese), but the executed japanese application will correctly display the japanese characters. I hope this helps.


  3. i use micro xp v 082 and i tried to install croatian keyboard layout but i do not know how to do it. machine is p3 650 mhz 120mbram Lifebook, it works fine and fast, but i can`t use it because i need the croatian alphabet ( eastern europe keyboard layout )in my daily using. so is it possible to do it? seem to me that i do not cover all the threads over the usenet, but not have much time… school etc. pls help 😦

  4. well, do you know how to install east asian languages? If they are already installed, then all you need to do is click on the “advanced” tab from the “regional and language options”. From there, you can change the language you want from the drop-down menu along with checkmarking the language from the menu below it.

  5. well, didn`t work, because it was moved from tthe instalation, but i have upgrade called HR_XP that is released back in 2002 and that instalation did put back croatian layout in preffered tab. but i have other problem, and it is that this FS lifebook have two slots PCMCIA and i found driver to install but have strange message that xp cannot install because it have some failutre in inf sector, whatever that means. pcmcia device is Texas instruments PCI card slot expandable and i need it because i have only one usb connector on lifebook and have that pcmcia card with two extra USB connectors. when i did full instalation of MSWINXP it worked with native drivers but it doesn`t work with MXP. mybe somone can tell me how to do it properly. tnx

  6. yeah… because of all the issues I started having with microxp, I went to XP – Performance Edition April 08 so I wouldn’t have to deal with those problems. I believe the microxp took out a chunkful of drivers to make it that small and speedy.

  7. yeah, but refer that my laptop is old one. P3 650Mhz, 10gbhdd and with amount of 128mbRam… i just can`t put full install of XP on it. won`t work, i tried. and all other stuff i am using are just obsolete… antivir… works fine with w98sr … so, i am trying to do something and with microXP functions are available and still works fine and moderately fast…enough :-)))
    so i am looking someone who can tell me how to install that driver for pcmcia card onto microXP…

  8. Dude, YOU ARE GOD! I’ve been searching for that ‘enable themes’ file for about 2 years! Sorry I have to say this but I LOVE YOU!

  9. Be careful, I noticed that you cannot edit the accounts and you are NOT the admin on the OS. Just try to edit the security on a folder, another account manage the OS!

    This mean that the creator can probably steal your data!

    Note also the DEBUG folder in C:\Windows

    there is a PASSWORD.TXT file that you CANNOT delete!

    After playing around with it, there was another file in this DEBUG folder that I was not allowed to open!

    It’s really amazing 200mb, but if you don’t control it…..

    • Most of the time, one should not be using an administrator account for security purposes. Due to the sheer size of this distribution, I think the ability to edit those files you described would break the system. Also, I doubt the developer would steal data since he stopped maintaining his releases and that some of his releases weren’t made to go online for personal / professional use. You do bring up a valid point about its security issues. To be safe, I would only use this version as an offline workstation.

  10. i have been instaled this xp yesterday, and i cant load any online game, (like dc on fb), installed flash player, but still dont work. do you have any ideas?

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