7 comments on “MangaMeeya CE *Easy Hack*

  1. I never really developed the program itself. I only explored the program and tinkered with the config files. The development for this great application is long dead.

  2. Well, one can hope someone’ll pick it up.

    I’m betting it’s not being picked up because people don’t know about it.

    Or it’s all in Japanese? I don’t know, but it’s far superior to most others 🙂

  3. I hope so too. The program was originally all in Japanese, but a group of people (don’t know exactly who) translated the whole program to spread the awesomeness of this application to others.

    The main reason why this program didn’t do too well in Japan was because the people there thought it was too complicated, which equates to very poor sales.

  4. Hi,

    Are there any settings that anyone can recommend? i am using scaling option Linear Interpolation and No sharpness filter.

    Btw will there be any new versions? and does this software have a homepage?

    Thanx a lot for the tip on scrolling.

  5. I’ve switched over to MangaMeeya (english version) about 2 years ago after my CDisplayEx crashed and wouldn’t load again. I really like it, except MM won’t read any file that has ‘ aposthophe in it’s title or if it’s in a folder with ‘ in it’s title, for example “H’el on Earth”. CDisplay read files with ‘ without problems. Also, I miss the contrast fix option.

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