10 comments on “Clannad 99.99% English Patch Complete!

  1. Is this outdated?

    if not, could someone please post the link when it is released (or if it has already been released).

    Thanks in advance.

    • It’s not exactly outdated. The people working on the english patch decided not to post the patch until it is completely done, hence the reason why there is no current link to the patch.

    • Go to the link provided and you’ll see what is up. It’s pretty much stalled atm. But they are making sure that everything is running top notch, especially since the voice verson was released towards the end of the original patch’s release.

  2. i dont think they will finish the Patch hey PPL look the date of the Post its from 2008. “

    in 2008 they had it 99.99 percent. now its 2010 and still nothing happened wew.

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