9 comments on “Melty Blood: Actress Again

  1. I understand your concern for the series, I own every version of the game to date, and it does seem like its turning out to be like guilty gear. They’re also adding Circuit Sparks in the air now, which is totally a rip form BURST. The installment of 2 new characters from the manga is nice. I’m no to sure if I’ll like the new modes that they are adding, it seems like they’re doing Guilty Gears EX and Standard mode things. As for F/SN, they have the one on PSP, which is quite fun, I think they should improvise on that one and make a 2D one that is better than Fat Sword Dance, which sucks…. Also Fatal Fake is pretty crappy too, while nice graphics, the games mechanics are broke and Caster is too powerful and cheap. Well as it says there will 25 chars available, and I only see 21 on the roster, so I’m sure they will be added in, or are hidden. Well heres to hoping for a good next installment, and not a another Guilty Gear…which I still love and play, but it has lost a lot of its luster, and I’m disapointed with the 3D one being released on 360.

  2. Yeah, the next system port should be for PS3. But on the other hand, I only have a JP PS2, not a JP PS3 as of yet. Maybe in the future if I happen to see lots of games I want for it, that are not coming to the US.

  3. I was talking about the new Guilty Gear, not Melty Blood =D. I would be pissed if it came to to 360 or any Microsoft product.

  4. Uh, buddy, Type Moon just gives French Bread and it’s root makers official license to create the game under their name, and the other ‘supporters.’ They pretty much just do illustrations and typical dialouge etc.

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